Backpacks Checklist for Outdoor Adventures

If you’re caught up trying to determine the right size of backpacks, don’t think about your height. Instead, think about your torso length and compare it to your favorite backpacks’ dimensions. For instance, it is quite possible for a long-legged and short-legged person to be of the same height, but they will most definitely need different sizes of backpacks. Of course, most people don’t know how to measure torso length – but we’re here to change that. To measure the length of your torso, you need a tailor’s tape and some assistance – because you probably can’t do this on your own. Start by asking your friend to measure your spine from the bump where your neck meets your shoulder (your seventh vertebra). They should measure down to the top of your hip-bones (which is known as your iliac crest). Voila! The distance from the top of your spine down to these 2 points is your torso length.

If you’re more worried about your OCD acting up and your choice of backpacks being difficult to maintain, then don’t worry – our advice is going to be like a one-size-fits-every-backpack. First off, you need to try brushing off any loose dirt you can find with any dry brush. You can then proceed by wiping the inside of these backpacks with some mild soap and damp sponge. If you’re keen on bathing your backpacks, make sure you only rinse the dirtiest parts – possibly with a sponge and some cold water. If possible, try and rinse your backpack of choice in a tub – and without soap. If the product you choose is machine-washable, then try and only clean your backpack in a front-loading unit and don’t use machines with agitators.

The last thing you need to check off this checklist is to buy the perfect bag for the perfect adventure. If you plan on carrying your bag on your back, then duffel bags are roomy enough to pile your essentials on top of each other. Plus, these bags can also be squashed easily into the backseat or trunk of your car. If your OCD starts acting up again because all your essentials may get mixed up, then what you need is a packing organizer. These backpacks may be small, but they have small organizers/compartments for all your essentials. Lastly, if you’re planning on carrying a lot of gear and want to make sure your tech stays safe, then try to look for the perfect gear bag which is securely padded. These may be a little pricey, but your tech equipment is a lot pricier!