Take Power with Your with a Folding Solar Panel

Sometimes it’s easy to look around at our modern world and see only the negative impacts of improving technology; we put more cars on the road, more planes in the sky and more and more buildings across the earth. But as technology improves, so does our ability to harness natural resources without harming or even making an impact on the planet. As we improve our technology, we learn how to make cars and planes with less emissions, as well as to create buildings that give back to the environment without polluting it. If you look around and wonder how you can give back to Mother Earth, in addition to your commitment to recycling, to driving less and walking more and to eating green, you may have looked into solar power. Many of us think of solar power as only the paneling on the roofs of large houses, or houses that are far away from reliable electric powerlines. But the truth is that you can take solar charging with you wherever you go with a folding solar panel.

A folding solar panel is a fantastic accessory anywhere your travels take you, whether you are picnicking in the park, taking a long hike or even out backpacking with friends. These panels are designed to be lightweight and compact, made from the latest tech that allows you to keep your mobile devices charged simply by collecting the power of the sun while you walk. Rather than holding a charge, a mobile solar panel simply relays power from the sun that you can use to power your cell phone, your tablet, your camera, your headlamp, your power bank and any other small USB-compatible devices that you need with you on your journey.

A great solar panel is one that helps you to keep your mobile devices charged when you are on the go. Many solar panels come with features that make them easy to use whether you are staying stationary or going all day long. You can look for intensity indicators that give you updates on how much light your panel is absorbing and what their output is going to be. Many panels will also come with devices that are used to prop up the panel at the perfect angle to catch the most sun, as well as with clips that allow you to latch the panel onto your backpack for powering on the go. Find the best one for your needs!