Get Outside with Outdoor Gear

When you move from a place that is virtually impossible to go travel outdoors, to one that has all the possibilities of hikes, climbs, and exploring, you realize that you are ill equipped. For example, let’s say you move from the sunny suburbs of California to the mountainous terrain of Washington state.

You are used to living some place that has clean air to breathe and parks to visit, but it takes a whole day plan to go to a forest or find a challenging hike. Finding a place to camp is even more of a challenge as the nearest places to find a campsite are hours away. But a move up north to some place like Washington is like a culture shock for a Californian suburbanite. There are so many options for hiking, trail walking, and camping that it is almost impossible to go check out all of them within a year. But because of this, it might make someone have to take a look at the gear they already have, or the lack thereof. Outdoor gear is essential to having a successful outdoor experience. When you have the right gear, you don’t have to get bogged down or stressed about the little details or mishaps that come along your way, and can instead concentrate on the beauty of nature around you and the experience you are having.

There are lots of ways to accumulate your gear for the outdoors. For one thing, REI has a program that allows members to show through gently used second-hand items. Through this, you can get a good pair of hiking boots that have lots of years let in them, or you can get a hiking pack that has lots of pockets and room for you to pack all your hiking essentials like food, first aid kit, and supplies. Gear may also include what you need for a successful camping trip. This includes the kitchenware you need to cook your food, as well as your tent and sleeping bag.

Although daunting and overwhelming, if you take a breathe and relax, you will realize that building up your outdoor gear collection can be fun. As you do more hikes, camping trips, and climbs, you will look around and realize each trip has created a need for something specific, and soon enough you will have everything you need to pick up and go on your next adventure.