Binoculars for Boating are Worth It

Boating is a past time that many Americans enjoy. You don’t have to be rich to own a boat and enjoy it. The perfect way to relax for many people is to take their boat out and soak up the sun, go fishing, or just spend time with their loved ones. Like most other activities such as camping or hanging out on a beach, there are many things you need for a successful boating trip. First, you need a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, and the reflection of the sun off the water. Second, you need a sunscreen with a high SPF. Even on a cloudy day, you can get a mean sun burn. And last but not least, a good pair of binoculars for boating.

Sure, you can just get any old pair of binoculars from the store and call it a day, but the right pair with features best for being out on the water are going to go a long way. First thing to consider is magnification. You don’t want a pair with high magnification when rocking on a boat. Instead, opt for image stabilizing binoculars that automatically adjust to the rocking and swaying of the boat. Next, you will want to get binoculars that are waterproof. Even the most careful and neurotic person can’t escape fogging from happening on the inside lenses. Imagine going whale watching and you discover a whale getting ready to breach in the distance. You hurry to get out your binoculars and come to discover you can’t see anything because they are all fogged up on the inside. Another great feature is a rangefinder reticule. This is going to be a great feature for someone that is a little bit more seasoned with boating and is has a technical mind. The rangefinder reticule is like a little ruler inside your binoculars that lets you measure how tall a landmark is so you can determine how far away you are.

Therefore, a great pair of binoculars for boating are not just handy, but a necessity while you are on the water. From leisurely watching whales or seabirds to figuring out how far away you are from land, binoculars that are specialized for boating are going to serve as a handy tool. Those extra boating features are going to enrich your boating experience.