Benefits and Uses of Solar String Lights

You can reduce your carbon footprint by investing in solar string lights to install outdoors. Solar lights convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar energy is energy derived from the sun. Solar lights use batteries, which are charged using a solar photovoltaic panel. On a full charge, the solar lights can provide you with light for six to eight hours without increasing your electricity bill. Solar string lights are a great way to brighten up your outdoor area, garden, and backyard. If there’s an area that lacks proper lighting and there’s no outlets or electrical wiring outdoors to install lights, solar lights are a good choice. You’ll receive awesome benefits if you install solar lights. First, solar lights are easy to install. Solar lights can save you time, as they don’t require any outlets. You can hang them anywhere, and they’ll light up the place. Just ensure you install the lights in an area that receives ample sunlight.

Another advantage that you’ll receive with solar string lights is that you don’t have to turn them on and off like traditional lights, as they come with their own built-in timer, which means they’ll turn off on their own. These lights also feature a built-in photocell sensor, which automatically senses when it’s light and dark outside. Once the sun goes down, they’ll turn off on their own. Solar lights need six hours to charge to full and can provide you with five to six hours of light after sundown. You can use solar string lights all year round. They are more than just holiday lights. They’re also designed to withstand windy and rainy weather conditions.

Get the ones made from durable plastic shells with 2” thick bulbs, as they can withstand extreme heat, cold, rain, and wind. These energy-efficient lights will save you money. They’re also environmentally-friendly, as they’re powered by the sun’s energy. You can leave them outside without worrying about them being on for hours, as they won’t increase your electricity bill. If you want to do your part in saving the climate and prevent global warming, investing in these eco-friendly string lights is your best bet to do so. The next time you’re wondering the type of lights you should install outdoors, think string solar lights. They’ll look lovely hanging outside, they’ll enhance the appeal of your outdoor area, and they’re perfect for every occasion. With these many benefits and uses, consider getting them.

A Backpack Solar Charger Keeps You Powered in the Wilderness

Getting outdoors is the perfect way to get moving, see new sights and spend quality time with friends and family. Whether you are playing in a favorite local park, going on a walk in the wilderness or taking an overnight adventure in the great outdoors, getting fresh air and exercise is good for both your mind and your body. Some people choose to use this time to unplug, turning off their cell phones, enjoying the sounds of nature and keeping their eyes glued to the nature that surrounds them. Other adventurers prefer to take along the comforts of home, whether they are using their phones to record videos of hikes, taking pictures with digital cameras or listening to music on a wireless outdoor speaker. If you like to be able to continue using your electronics even outdoors, it’s a good idea to take along a charger. When you are outdoors, you can take advantage of the sun’s rays even while you are on the move with a backpack solar charger.

You have a lot of options when it comes to picking out the perfect charger for your next trip. while you are selecting the best choice for your backpack, there are a number of factors to consider to make sure you are satisfied. Since you are going to be carrying your backpack solar charger, it’s a good idea to keep in mind how heavy it is. Is it going to weigh you down as you walk mile after mile? After weight, be sure to consider whether it’s small enough to be able to easily hang on your bag for maximum sunlight exposure. By getting a charger that’s convenient, it will ensure that you always have it when you need it.

A great solar charger is also going to be useful out in the field! All too often, we want to charge more than one device at a time. If you are hoping to charge your cell phone and a friend’s, make sure to get a charger that is rated for charging multiple devices at the same time. Since not all solar panels are equally efficient, you will also want to look for a charger that isn’t going to let you down in cloudy conditions. The best charger is going to be quick to charge, have strong output power and be able to support all of your devices. Never be without power in the wild again!

Outdoor Renovation Guide: Is Solar Water Fountain Worth Buying?

Today when residential square footage is rapidly shrinking, it is a blessing to have a home with an outdoor space. A renovated outdoor space entails many advantages. Apart from improving the curb appeal of the property, it also offers you an instant getaway from the sedentary indoor life. Then, outdoor spaces feature a host of accessories and amenities also increase the value of the estate. Whenever you list a house with a bedecked outdoor, you get an impressive ROI on the money you have spent on decorating it. If you are looking to modify and renovate your outdoors to add value to it, but without breaking your bank, you should consider getting a solar water foundation. Are these innovative water fountains worth your bucks? Let’s try to find out.

Contrary to popular belief, solar water fountains are not as expensive as other solar fixtures. You can easily get a top-of-the-line solar fountain with a 2-digit price tag. It is important to mention here that the reasonable price tags don’t have any bearing on the quality and finishing of the fountains. You can find these fountains in a range of stylish and attractive designs that can complement the rest of your outdoors aesthetic. The other reason to install a solar fountain is their easy-to-setup and low maintenance nature. You don’t have to get into the hassle of doing electrical wiring to set them up. They are standalone pieces that work on their own without needing any external connection. Then there is virtually no maintenance required. All you need is to make sure that the solar cells remain exposed to the incoming sunlight.

If you are an eco-conscious person, you should invest in a solar water fountain because its use entails zero carbon footprint. The self-sustaining nature of solar fountains also means you don’t see any hike in your utility bills. Solar fountains also serve environments by offering drinking water to birds, especially during summer. Another impressive bit about solar fountains is that you don’t need to have a vast garden, yard, or lawn to set them up. They are available in compact and ergonomic sizes that can easily be installed on small decks, patios, and balconies. Lastly, solar water fountains are not just meant for daytime use. Some of those eco-friendly fountains come with batteries and feature LED lights to offer dazzling water display even after sunsets.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights To Spruce Up Your Garden

Hello and thank you for stopping by the blog. In this edition we will be looking at several sets of solar powered outdoor lights and some of their advantages. If you find something you can use or some information that you can keep, then great. We hope that you find what you’re looking for and get some great ideas for your garden to spruce it up. Do you have a garden or outdoor space that would look nice with solar powered lights, then this six piece set of solar powered lights is for you. Why worry about costly installations of wired lights when you can have rechargeable aa batteries in your solar power lamps. Bring out little touches of your garden that you didn’t know were that great when they shine under these powerful little lights. The lights turn on automatically when its dark enough and you don’t need to worry about complicated timers or other devices to make sure that your lights come on at night. Illuminate that pathway that is hard to see or just let these lights focus on certain flowers and things in your garden. They install quickly and easily and are even simple to clean with warm water and wash cloth. This 6-piece set can be yours for $95.

Perhaps you don’t need 6 pieces and you only want or need four, the same types of laps are available in 4 pieces as well. But these are more detailed and feature even more light and power. These transparent lights come with 3 rechargeable batteries and look gorgeous when they have enough plants and scenery to illuminate for you. Two sets of these can easily cover most paths and 4 pieces if great if you have a small area to focus on at night. These come with white LED bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours and are corrosion resistant and the batteries that come with it recharge and last up to two years. Don’t you deserve two years or more of wonderful lighting in your garden? Of course you do. This set can be yours for $267.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and thanks for reading. Do you have some amazing lights that illuminate your garden? Do you have a unique set up that you’d like to share? Great, then send us a picture or two and your story and we might be able to us it in a future blog. Thanks, and come back soon.

Benefits Of Eco Friendly Water Fountains

Eco friendly water fountains are increasingly popular by the day as many people are moving away from the ordinary water fountains that use non-renewable energy to function. An eco friendly option can become the highlight of your entire landscape. With various ways of making your porch or garden more beautiful, nothing can be compared to what a water fountain can do to your entire home.

Eco friendly water fountains have more benefits than the ordinary water fountains. They use renewable energy, they do not emit toxins into the atmosphere, they are easy to maintain and above all, they are very durable. These are just some of the things that encourage the majority of homeowners to opt for the environmentally friendly fountains. In most cases, these water fountains come as self-contained units. They come with a power pack, designed to absorb and retain the natural energy for sustained usage.

With the eco friendly water fountains, you do not deplete the natural resources, do not interfere with the atmosphere or change the atmosphere. You do not need holes to dig, you do not require electric cables, batteries to power them up. There are no energy bills to worry about or health risks to be concerned about. All you have to do is to find a suitable place to install the fountain and enjoy its beauty.

Eco Friendly Décor Means I Can Feel Extra Happy With My Space

I love decorating my home with some great décor and I was raised to be very environmentally-conscious as well. It has been nice to enjoy having some great eco friendly décor that keeps my space looking good and that keeps me mentally happy as well, knowing that I am doing what I can for the environment. I love finding décor that looks unique and that has a unique impact for the good of the Earth.

There are so many choices when it comes to décor of the eco friendly kind, whether I want something for the kitchen or for the living room. It is always fun to incorporate some elements of contemporary design while finding the décor style that works for me. I love to add a modern flair with some cool kitchen and bath décor.

My eco friendly décor has been transforming my home. I started with a few key furniture pieces and then I completed my spaces with some pretty area rugs as well as some table lamps on end tables, candles, even some string lights. Creating cozy spaces has been fun and I enjoy decorating with ease and with confidence. The décor of the eco friendly kind helps me to incorporate eco friendly materials for a stunning result.

A Collapsible Rain Barrel Works Well For Watering My Yard

I love to save energy when I can and that is something that is easy to do with some garden solutions like my new rain barrel. This rain barrel has been an awesome way for me to ensure that my garden is getting plenty of water and same with my plants and my grass. I like that I can save lots of money with the rain barrel.

I had never thought about getting a rain barrel before and I have been really excited to get one that has been ideal for me. Some of my friends recommended it to me and it has been so useful so far. We get lots and lots of rain in this area. In fact, this city is kind of known for its rain. It rains pretty much all year long here.

I now am taking advantage of the plentiful rain that we get here now that I have my collapsible rain barrel to use. The barrel is a fifty-gallon barrel and it is a great earth-friendly way to water my flowers and my potted plants and anything else. The barrel is easy to store as well, so I don’t have to worry about where to put it when I don’t need it.