Keep Your Dog Comfortable Outdoors with All-Weather Dog Coats

Just like you, there is nothing more important to your dog’s health than great nutrition and exercise. Dogs that have a chance to get outside with you to go on long walks and to play by themselves in a safe space are more likely to live long and healthy lives than dogs that are stagnant. Of course, getting your dog outside can be difficult when the weather turns cold, dark and nasty during the long winter months, but with the right planning you can ensure that your furry friend is warm and comfortable. In many areas, dog booties are a great investment to keep your dog’s paws dry and protected from ice and ice salt. You can also help to add to their natural fur coat by shopping for all-weather dog coats that are going to add that additional layer of protection against the cold!

Dog coats come in a huge range of styles, from decorative coats that aren’t going to do much to keep your dog warm to fully functional coats that are perfect for cold, rainy and snowy weather. To make sure that your dog is going to be comfortable in any condition, it’s a good idea to shop for all-weather dog coats that offer all of the features that will keep them warm.

Start by measuring your dog’s back length from collar to their tail, their chest girth at the widest part and their neck where their collar rests. Once you have those measurements, you are going to have the best luck finding great deals on a huge range of sizes by getting online! When you find a reliable store online, you want to find a coat that is the right fit and that is also adjustable to perfectly conform to your dog’s shape. That fit is going to ensure that they are both warm and comfortable, with no spots that pinch or rub uncomfortably. Once you have that perfect size figured out, you can find the features that are going to best fit your dog’s needs. A dog with a thick undercoat might be warm enough with a simple insulating, waterproof outer layer, while a dog with a thin coat is going to benefit from a warm interior layer as well as a tough waterproof outer layer. Look for complete adjustability, reflective elements for safety in low lighting and durable materials to keep your dog cozy while they are outdoors this winter.